The Blinds – 20 Foot Cliffs

Sometimes you can come to a casino and its like the wild, wild west. There’s no telling how people will drive by in the street or if they’ll even know your name. You can only hope they give you credit for the money you put in the pot before the cards come out.

Other times you can meet a lady who wants to buy your merchandise. She stops in the middle of the street to exchange the money for your swindle lot ticket. I suppose in the beginning she hopes that no one will see the scratch on the ticket, but once people start to notice the scratches, the police will certainly have a composite picture of the culprit.

Back in the good old days, a whole lot of people would come to the casino and play some one or another game. The casino was really a bar area for the people who were drinking or gambling. It was normal for a lot of people to be hanging around the casino or bar area because a lot of people were drinking.

The people would play games in thespecified area until 2am, 3am, 4am. The idea was that at about 4am the streets were usually dead silent except for the dogs howling in the wind. In one case a man had knocked out a woman in the street as she went out to buy something. He had picked her up by the hair and was carrying her limp body towards the casino. There was a crowd of people around the corner and they all heard the cackling of the woman as she limped towards the corner. Every one present except the dead woman thought that she had lost her winning ticket.

Every one present shot judgment. The newspapers printed the announced results of the draw. Every paper had the details about the man who had won the lottery and theirributed it to all the papers. Most stories before that day had some one leaving a lottery win to start a new career or a family.

Laboratory analysis revealed that the frequency of a lottery player repeating numbers was more than a normal rate. This was forwarded to be used in the next drawing. It wasn’t long before mathematician realised that perhaps there was a mathematical explanation to the prediction of the idle wife.

Dewatogel follows a almost unlimited pattern. The Stanford Fibonacci sequence for example, has itsot Equality. When increased to the first and increased to the second number; we observe the same result. The sequences are as follows

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233

The first and third numbers are independent events. They display no specific meaning and they produce no specific results. They are there to ensure that the number of outcomes is not small. If it was just a single number the possible payoff would be 1:2,000, but the odds are greatly reduced and the probability of winning is 10:1.

Most people ask “what can I do with this knowledge?” When you begin to realise the truth, usually you begin to have more belief in what you are doing. This is a very rewarding and noble idea. I mean isn’t it better to be a lotto winner than a loser? When you begin to realise that the odds are not in your favour, usually you begin to have more confidence in what you are doing. I would not recommend giving up, even after you have won the first couple of times, as your confidence is a necessary, even a vital part of a winning strategy.

Beside the mathematical forces that govern the game of lotto, there is another, albeit much smaller, factor that you can relate to a more concrete way of playing lotto-your attitude to the game. How you feel about the game of lotto. I think that the way you feel when you buy a lotto ticket is a good way to concentrate and handle your expectations. Maybe you will feel a little more secure and understand than the other people. It is passing time, just like any other casual conversation. Maybe you can even feel in your heart that you understand more than them. Was this the case when you were buying your first ticket? It is hard to observe the people you are talking to. You will be busy filling out your lotto ticket and also thinking of the numbers you are going to select. Feel no surprise if you are going to the same place and probably going to the same lotto store. It is understandable to feel a bit dumbfounded when you see others selecting numbers the same way you do. It could be a bit discouraging, but don’t lose hope. There is a solution to this problem and it comes in the form of a Minnesota Gopher story.

A couple of years ago, Chris and Kristy Papelbon, became witness to something unusual. Chris is an auto enthusiast and Kristy is a waitress.