Praise 7 Card Stud – First Things First

7 Card Stud is a game of poker odds and not necessarily a game of luck. Let’s say you have two eights as hole cards and you raise. You have about a 15% chance of winning the hand, if you have the final highest card. When you look at the board you have a pair, there is only one more 10 in the deck and even if the board has a lot of cards above the sky it is not advisable to go after two high cards. Your hand is good if ace, king, queen, jack, 10 and any two cards below 7.

When you are playing hold’em and you have a hand consist of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 you are better off folding as the odds are in your favour to have the final highest card. If you have lower cards above 7 consider folding also, the reasons are simple. With this hand you are hoping to flop a full house, that will only happen about 35% of the time. If you have 10, a pair, a straight, three of a kind, full house shake off, four of a kind, straight flush, and a royal flush its time to fold.

If you have a good table image though you might be able to get the best of it and win a small pot or maybe more if everyone folds. In any case, holding these cards and playing them well can give you a good hold’em strategy and a better profit margin in your pocket books.

So how do you play odds in hold’em? You only want to be playing what you have to play and if you have to play a hand, you want to play it aggressively and when you do, as they say, don’t be predictable, choose your spots or the nine of clubs and imagery, a full house hand similar to the one you are holding is rarely a bad hand.

However, you are putting yourself at a physical disadvantage by playing these hands in a non-leading position because you must act first to a raise. Raising in this spot means you are making a raise that is not part of your strategy or the poker table image you have established at the poker table. You want therefore to make sure you securing the betting of a raise or re-raise from the first position to your advantage. Similarly, the smaller money you have in the pot the better.

You also do not want to be playing any poor cards for example from the middle position. These kinds of cards have bigger drawbacks because generally you will not be in advanced position when you get a decision to act. You will have to act early and therefore you have no information about what other players will decide to do.

The ideal position to be playing after the flop is to be on the button, last to raise, therefore you are in the best position to act before the flop comes. You can do this by just calling the big blind, checking or betting if you have good cards. Do not be one of these players who claims you played the hand well pre-flop because you would have surely folded if the cards came out bad.

This is one of the most common mistakes with players new to the game. They think calling is bad and checking is OK because they have not yet made their decision and many players do not give thought to what would happen post-flop. The same applies to those players who keep betting the flop, even after it is shown them. Against this kind of player, you can but your decision after the flop is weak.

It is common to all suckers at the Vegas88 table. You might ask, what is so bad about folding? Well, suppose the flop comes and it is your turn. You will most likely lose the hand since many players who love to play will not fold despite having bad cards because they cannot stand losing. You have got to play a little. Stop the game when you are clear that you should not be playing the hand.

The problem with this strategy is that some players, probably those who you are after, might be deciding to call because they just do not want to fold. Against this kind of player, you are after. Well, you are not really after all. Just asking. Don’t be so obvious. In any case, regardless of what you might think, you cannot be too aggressive when there are only a few players in the table. The problem with going all out is that you might lose the respect of your team members. You will be considered to play like a rock and they will not trust you. Then, you will have people betting against your hand even though you tried to bet strongly earlier. It’s the worst ever situation.

In any poker game, it is always better to be the blind than the favourite. In the early rounds, you are after first.