Lays Horses to Win – Does The Dirty Trickster Really Work?

When a punter is looking for good value lays horses to win, does the Dirty Trickster really work? If you are like me, you are a punter who loves to back winners and to lay losers, and the idea of laying horses to win sounds really fiddly and complicated to do. It seems like it should require a lot of study and knowledge of the horses and the racing industry if it is to be worthwhile, but the reality is that laying horses to win is a lot easier than you think, and the results can be really striking.

The most basic lay system is to lay the back two in any race. This means that you back two horses in any given race. You are then betting on the betting exchanges that the first two horses you back to win the race will split the finish line in the exact order that they finish. This is the basis of the Dirty Trickster system that I mentioned earlier and this is its basis Joey, the owner of TheBetPlan.com, has used to profit from laying horses.

Joey, the owner of The BetPlan.com, is also a regular lay tipster who lays horses on the betting exchanges to profit from his bets. He also offers a tipster service and an email service for his readers who would like to receive his daily lay tips free of charge. (

The Lay Tipsters manual, Joey’s personal guide to laying horses successfully, comes with a video that shows the exact method that Joey uses to find his selections. You will also see that Joey himself used to lose money when laying the back two in the past years, but now has turned it into a steady income since he introduced his laying system to his email subscribers. If you like the video or read the book, you will profit from this system too.

The book shows the users how to use the horse racing markets together with the laying betting system and you will also learn of other methods that will also allow you to profit when laying the horse. Joey has done a lot of testing with his laying system and found it to be very consistent when it comes to making money from the horse racing markets. This is also very easy to understand and to implement on your own betting exchange account.

Lets take a look at some of the negatives of the system that Joey has put together:

  • It is not bankroll inclusive and therefore not suitable for beginners
  • If you lose one or two of the eight selections you try to lay, you may need to keep using the system if you have 50 or more laying selections to make your selection, which is very easy to do with the system’s selection tools
  • If you become fed up of watching the video, the book, or doing the calculations, you may not get the variations in the betting markets that you seek
  • You may waste a lot of time looking for the 8 selections that Joey uses to lay his selections which may not be profitable for you

Another thing to be aware of is that you will not be able to bet using the system if you only have a single betting exchange account, although the exchanges do offer some pretty favourable odds, if you had only one, you may not be able to bet using the system

The pros of laying horses to win are that you will be picking your own horses to back. You may be able to guarantee that you will earn a small amount of money to tide you over. The cons is that the returns are very slow in picking up your horses, so you may not get rich in a hurry.

There are a lot of betting systems online and it is important that you test any particular system that you choose before you gamble with real money.