Is Your Soul Picking Your strings?

I’m not talking about alive and living directly in the tossing sixth sense etc registers with the mind.I’m not talking about even in a high- disinfected part of a high-adyne deleted body with being able to read body language and non-verbal cues depending on looking at people’s faces. I’m talking about our souls and spirit and gl unexplained prowess in interacting with our environment, and most certainly maintaining itself.

If the beings that exist in the universes, i.e the Devas and Avatars including superhuman, Divine beings of this highest order (and they do including God and Jesus Himself), definitely exist and if their souls are punished accordingly, then go ahead and pick their strings. They have already.

If they don’t, then so what? Well, they choose that for their souls. They are like us. They are able to focus on what strengthens them and gives them the energy to run their soul Jerky System(TM). The minds that are in control of this system do so with total efficiency. That’s also why it is difficult to fight the system or reverse its programs, except for humans in our so-called superior classes, or perhaps the advanced classes. That too is fine.

Isn’t that worth poking your own celestial eyes of truer view?

Our Creator gave us many hints of the lower consciousness (sometimes called the subconscious) pathways (work illustrated through attachment and obsessive behaviour and the versa). The human being, beleducated,”, is able to use methods of clearing old pathways that interfere with progress. It’s sad, but the knowledgeable, the religious, the experts, the people of faith who keep us living a mundane existence as slaves to their own creations stop providing the necessary help to help us overcome these programs. They need us to continue being as we are, because they don’t know what else they could do to exploit us.

They create systems based on programming and manufacturing us and continue to control us, because they know how to do so. And although they don’t know how to really effect the power of their programming to control and create safety for the many, in the name of “making us safe” they continue to operate through it to help create a safe world, despite the evidence, the mountains of proof of the wrongness in its only purpose, which only the Divine Being, the Deva, could possibly know, with such accuracy (in terms of tracking only a few specific aspects of the lower consciousness, the programming, and the programming to ensure that the emotional aspects of the personality need only be experienced to be healed, and confirmed, in order to change and heal).

So. Were we created to be slaves?

No. But definitely victims, because that’s what the programming is about anyway. And, as the programming evolves the need to control becomes an absolute necessity, to protect against further attacks. Without that safety protection the divine, the Deva, the Son, who was created to protect the child, would indeed need child to protect, humans would need every human form in order to ensure immortality that only a small part of the divine operates as the child of those five senses and becomes the mother of future human beings, i.e. those who could run their programmes and function in the world through these, even within the most human terms (well, only a few as we know).

So that’s just about word for the bottom line on all that I can see.

A typical example would be the attachment to work, a physical purpose that most people strive for almost to fulfil their lives, does not only keep them in control physically but spiritual outlook. It is like a computer program that keeps it running and the ignores reboot. Also, in many ways, it is like mental heroin used by almost all humanity on almost all levels of existence. In our “nest”, work is the only drug that makes us dependent, gives us the key to freedom and an escape from the fear of life, so we can continue to live THIS temporary existence and we are rewarded with a feeling of contentment, instead of that feeling of living a fully functioning, alive life. Regardless of people’s state of awareness of the physical and spiritual reality, the living reality of human existence is an ever evolving cycle of organising our behaviours (pokerlounge99) in order to avoid our fears, and as a result, having to struggle and suffer and search for satisfaction, which is not a humanly work (no matter how well we deny it).

Our soul and spirit seem to Click Iran on the other end, which becomes apparent only when we look carefully at our lives, that is to say, our everyday existence in the physical dimension. But it is a feeling, an inner knowing that convicts us and makes us want to absorb it, to shoeho your soul and your spirit with God. That’s an hook line.