Baccarat Strategy – A Simple Sure Bet

Card games are often the focus of this article, but baccarat offers one of the best odds in the casino. Even though the cards are drawn randomly (just like in Blackjack), a proper strategy can help the player to earn a profit. Many people ask “What is a baccarat strategy”? In this article, I’ll be giving you 3 simple strategies you can use to dramatically increase your chances of winning at baccarat.

Baccarat is a game of negative expectation – meaning the House will win more hands than the player. Kind of like roulette or craps. The high cards favor the casino, so when the cards come out, the player has pretty much the same odds as the casino. As long as the casino has a larger edge, the casino will always win.

The mathematically expected value of a hand is the expected number of winning outcomes from the cards you have, if you bet on all of them. So, if you have a single ace, and a two came out, you expect a 1 in 4 chance of getting another ace. Alternatively, if you bet on all four cards, you would win 8 out of 14 hands. This is the edge, and it can be calculated mathematically.

However, casinos are allowed to adjust the odds, and there are ways to stack the odds more in their favor.

So, what is the strategy? Here’s a quick, easy, guaranteed way to increase your odds of winning at baccarat.

Bet on the Banker.

You have the advantage because the banker bets the set amount, so you’re guaranteed to win if the banker wins. If you bet on the player, and the banker wins, you win the half of the bet that you’ve placed.

You do this with ANY pair or Ace, and with any banker card of either faced card or 10.

For example, you bet $10 on the banker. You’re guaranteed to win $10, because the banker has to pay you out $10. You win $40, as long as you bet the $10 on the banker.

The $10 bet on the banker gets replaced with the $40 bet, because you’ve offered the casino another $40 as payout.

The QQdewa is guaranteed to pay you $40, no matter the outcome of the hand.

Betting on the player is the same deal. You bet on the player, plus a second bet on the banker. If you’re right, you win $10 again. You’ve got to beat the banker to win, so you bet the $10 again on the banker, and the bet is replaced with the $40 bet for this hand.

This gives you a guaranteed $10 payout for a $40 bet, no matter what the banker’s hand.

Now, you won’t be beating the casino on every hand. You need a strategy.

The strategy is, when the cards favor the banker, bet more money on the banker. When the cards favor the player, bet more money on the player.

The CashFun Home Business System is a strategy that puts the odds in your favor. It requires that you bet $40 to win $10 on a $10 bet. Don’t you think that’s worth a try?